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Colorado Bigfoot researcher Mateo Arguello joins us to talk about his experiences and premiere his brand new Bigfoot Documentary, in search of the North American Hominid. His video premieres 1 hour before the premiere of this show, an interview with him about his research. Mat, myself, and bonus guest Kevin (Glagg saga) will all be available to chat with the viewers for a half hour prior to the Premiere, as well as during it! Check out the new website, worldbigfootcentral.com, help support this program, we are viewer funded! Send any donations to paypal.me/worldbigfootcentral, contact Duke at worldbigfootcentral@yahoo.com. with questions or encounters. Music by SWAMP RITUAL, art by Devin King and RobRoy Menzies. Most pics and video are from and shared with permission of Modern Explorer, Mateo Arguello.