Donations……..”Howdy, Duke here! Thanks for stopping over and thanks again for taking a look at this message. Right now this show is entirely unfunded and needs your help! I was always hoping to NEVER have to ask viewers for contributions, and make something off of advertising, but since the You Tube Adpocalypse has struck, and my channel has been COMPLETELY DE-MONETIZED, I am forced by circumstances to ask for your help. Producing this show and setting up a website takes a lot of time, and some money, and i am just one person and can’t do it without your help. I hope that in the future the show will become larger, i will get advertisers or sponsors, and it will be free to watch again. for now, it is free, enjoy the website and the posts on it. In the future, there will be membership fees attached to member-only content being released on this website. In the interim, if you enjoy the show and want to help it continue, you can help the effort at, all the funds go to the show and equipment costs. You can also purchase swag from MJ’s Everything Bigfoot store, a portion of any World Bigfoot Radio or Glagg items purchased also goes to the show and helps me continue to bring them to you. Thanks for your time and consideration, and thank you from the bottom of my heart if you choose to join the team and help fund the program. THANK YOU!!